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Apropos of nothing, I'm old enough to remember when everyone talked about Eliza like it was sentient.

Vintage Star System generator by Arkimedz

A generator that procedurally generates vintage maps of fantasy star systems

Cool alternate way to generate star systems for perhaps, especially, when Sundered Isles, fantasy seafaring, supplement releases for jamming in the stars!

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How Does It Feel To Be A Killer? from Dune (music inspired by the novel from Frank Herbert) by Rupert Lally

Starfield 47 might make a great motion background for streaming …

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Holy crap! The HAL Project is back! I used the screensaver for ages, and then put the desktops on every machine … so cool to see these updated again!

Given that there is a excessive heat advisory in my area, I may have picked the wrong day to cook something that requires over an hour of supervised cooking time 😓💦💧

Arepas filled with shredded chicken in spicy tomato sauce with onion and bell pepper topped with cheese

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I just, painfully, managed to not upgrade post-campaign from digital to physical for a thing I backed in crowdfunding.

Sad to not get the hot new thing in hand eventually, but I've wasted so much on physical and fomo projects I haven't ended up ever playing …

I backed a whole bunch of things thinking I'd figure out how to play them solo on stream, but I stopped streaming, and even then, when I was, I wasn't getting to everything anyway.

I've got so many things I could play and don't already!

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One recurring question for #dnd worldbuilding has been: "What do all those creatures in subterranean caves eat?"

Well, German folklore has cave-dwelling dragons (and snakes) licking strange liquids that seem out of the stones in some places, and this seems to nourish them indefinitely.

Even a human managed to feed himself with this for seven years, although he ended up with a seven-pound clump of gold in his stomach!

I've got the jpg of these I got somewhere, but I can't find a link to share now for some reason. How'd I get these? Were they always here? Has the doom been here with me all along?!

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On the other hand, when I think about an incomprehensible pervasive always approaching Eldritch AI, I think about the human cosmic horror rules cut from Mausritter … like, we never actually meet the thing, but it brings utter doom

"Enter the giga-sarcophagus and explore the living nightmare of a sleeping dungeon. The Dread Lich Draxxus rests at the center of the greatest testament to his power in all of the multiverse, an impossible place that bends in on itself, twists itself, and warps around the dream realm its foundations are built on. Find your way between the waking and the dream, collect incredible treasures, and challenge The Dread Lich for the freedom of the multiverse." Just read Eldritch AI for Lich

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Saw Draxxus's Fortress Of Gehenna and couldn't not think about the big eldritch AI big bad we've not yet met in the co-op I'm in … (later tonight! hint hint)

They were okay. Kinda disappoint. Also too eggy. Probably try a diff batter recipe next time maybe.

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My first ever attempt at making crêpes. Ended up with 1.5 made using an almond flour batter recipe. Thicker, darker, and rougher than they should probably be, but, hey, I made 'em!

1 crêpe with brown butter, brown sugar, and cocoa filling
.5 crêpe with brown butter and blackberry filling

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From July 2018, the post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying game from FREE LEAGUE


The core rulebook and English-language sourcebooks for this stylish Swedish SFRPG


NEW! Recent ebooks for FREE LEAGUE'S post-apoc tabletop SFRPG



17 days to go …

Doesn't include FoundryVTT, but only $10!

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