@meandeef So, I've been meaning to ask … is it "mean deef" like 0xDEADBEEF or is it "me and eef" like Frog and Toad Together, or … ?

@rigaroga both… kinda

I just tell people to say Deef but it’s a compounded meaning and acronym all in one.

Don’t know what the 0xDEADBEEF thing is?

@rigaroga and usually it’s an easy way to tell who I’m going to want to watch stream. If they can figure out or ask about my name it’s generally a good sign 🤭

@meandeef @rigaroga Tell ya the truth, I thought it was "mean deef", like Mean Jean (my grandma's nickname, she wasn't mean in the slightest). I couldn't figure out who Eef might be, so...

@AudreyWinter @meandeef Or the arithmetic average of the deefs calculated? As opposed to the mediandeef, which could be very different, but probably far more representative.

@meandeef @AudreyWinter Maths are like itchy wool. Uncomfortable at times, but also life saving at others?

@rigaroga Let us not forget the often-overlooked Modedeef, depending on how often he pops up.

@AudreyWinter Unexpectedly, we often have this thought in common when we're asked.

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