Old school swag! Enamel Illuminati pin from Steve Jackson Games. And somehow I still have the paper label from the original package?!

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The Orville: New Horizons | Trailer | Hulu


"Our return is imminent. New Horizons arrives June 2, only on Hulu."

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The Man Who Fell To Earth | Series Premiere | Free Full Episode (TVMA)



The Man Who Fell To Earth | Season 1 Ep. 2 | Free Full Episode (TVMA)


"An inspired continuation of the novel by Walter Tevis and the iconic 1976 film starring David Bowie. … Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Naomie Harris."

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The playful Playdate gets serious as a personal organizer

Trying to stay organized with a handheld game console


About Pocket Planner for Panic PlayDate

"Let's face the truth - you will be carrying your Playdate everywhere with you, so why not use it as a productivity tool?"


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For All Mankind — Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+


"Over two decades after the Moon landing, there's a new battle to face— Mars. For All Mankind Season 3 premieres June 10 on Apple TV+"

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CANDLE II by Fantasy Audio Magazine


"The sequel to the original OSR adventure-gaming tapezine--once foretold, now loose upon the Earth."

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The world's smallest RPG, from the ENNIE Awards winning authors of Broken Compass.

Upcoming crowdfunding campaign


Also Household by Two Little Mice


"Players of Household take on the role of littlings, little beings of the Little Folk from European folklore."

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Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower

The classic tabletop RPG adventure returns for the 5E and DCC RPG rules sets!


Crowdfunding with 28 days to go

I don't actually know what that thing on Ragnar's back is. I'm currently imagining it is a kind of Apple Newton or Sony MagicLink, with a PCMCIA cellular modem of some kind, and functions like a Pip-Boy but with touch/stylus. Maybe with space travel related sensors & functions. A chunky all in one PDA, cell/sat phone, & tricorder.

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Ragnar Mital, creepy beat up space teen with strange powers and a crystalline friend

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Episode 0 of an Actual Co-op Playthrough of Starforged with @rigaroga and DiceT https://deef.link/sfep1

Pardon the audio and technical issues at the start.

Next episode Next Saturday live some time after 2pm!

#ttrpg #coop #starforged #actualplay #youtube

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Thanks to
and @rigaroga for a great stream this afternoon!

Co-op #Starforged is amazing! Even session zero was a blast! Can't WAIT for more next Saturday 2pm CST!

I'll be making some edits and uploading to my YouTube for those that need to catch up!
#thanks #grateful

Godsdamnit. I made it entirely all the way through picking up an itch.io bundle in the wrong browser profile and then even linked it to the wrong account. Ugh! Having multiple personae isn't all kittens and cotton candy, let me tell you!

@meandeef So, I've been meaning to ask … is it "mean deef" like 0xDEADBEEF or is it "me and eef" like Frog and Toad Together, or … ?

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SOOO excited to instantly buy the Bundle for Reproductive Rights when it goes live.

Most excited about:
- Necronautilus (https://itch.io/jam/bundle-for-reproductive-rights/rate/802104)
- Primal Quest (https://itch.io/jam/bundle-for-reproductive-rights/rate/1509087)
- Caltrop Core
- ALL the Mork Borg content
- SO many others!

So awesome that the community is coming together for such an important cause! Itch is AWESOME!
Which contributions are you the most excited about?
#ttrpg #reproductiveRights #bundle

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