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Sip, sip, hooray! Archaeologists find 1,800-year-old Roman winepress

The well-preserved remains of an ancient winepress have been found near the Roman fort Apsaros (today's Gonio near Batumi, Georgia).

"It is worth noting that the winepress has structural features typical of the local winemaking tradition but hydraulic mortar characteristic of Roman constructions … The winepress is thus a testimony to the exchange of ideas"

Rare coin from Hanukkah story villain era found in theft suspect’s home

Antiochus IV, referred to as "Evil Antiochus" in Jewish lore, is remembered as a major villain and persecutor in Jewish history, particularly the story of Hanukkah.

" Instead, in multifarious ways, these peoples participated in the creation of a new world. For better or worse, that world was ripe for exploration, familiarisation, interaction and, ultimately, self-introspection: travel was opening and deeply transforming minds."

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"The cultural transformations brought by Rome permanently altered the course of European history and society. The extent of this legacy demands we question the idea that Romanisation was solely the homogenisation of powerless, victimised native peoples into a pre-existing social order."

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Wanderlust of the ancients

The Roman Empire enabled an early version of globalisation that offered travellers adventure, novelty and opportunity

The popularity of the Korean oegugin (foreign) influencer is on the rise. But there is a dark side to this pop-nationalism

"In our new research, we found oegugin influencers are predominantly white-presenting non-Koreans who often adopt nationalist tones to endorse the 'excellence' of Korean culture.

The discourse is often celebratory, leverages on exoticism and promotes 'pop nationalism': a new form of soft power marketed in the form of pop culture."

I give thanks for freedom of speech: If we still know what it means

Give me the right to speak freely, and I'll defend yours. Those who disengage are the real threats to democracy

Meth, Madness and Magic

"Too many sad stories have landed in my lap over the last decade related to the consequences of meth and magic. Stories that come from misattributing something highly personal and selfish to spiritual causes."

"And as above, so below, so it is also in the world of spirit as in the world of humans, not everyone is benign, cool, and good."

Mars rover digs up intriguing clues in the hunt for life beyond Earth

NASA's Perseverance mission has collected samples that hold life-friendly molecules “in pretty much every rock” — as well as a few geologic surprises

If Mastodon Existed In The 1980s...

"Somewhere in a parallel universe, Mastodon already existed in the 1980s."

Key advertisers no longer are on Twitter

Dozens of top Twitter advertisers, including 14 of the top 50, have stopped advertising in the few weeks since Elon Musk’s chaotic acquisition of the social media company.

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Twitter fact-checks owner Elon Musk over 'Dune' quote

The White House was fact-checked by the same Twitter feature for incorrectly crediting Biden with increasing Social Security payments

"'Fanaticism is always a function of repressed doubt,' Musk tweeted, attributing the saying to Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, which was recently turned into a blockbuster film.

Users quickly pointed out that the quote is actually by the prolific Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung."

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Facebook Says It Has Created A 'Human-Level' Board Game AI

They mean in [terms] of its ability, not how likely it will be to cheat, or ghost you

"Facebook, or as we’re supposed to call them now Meta, announced … that their [AI] has achieved 'human-level performance' in the board game Diplomacy, which is notable for the fact that’s a game built on human interaction, not moves and manoeuvres, like, say, chess."

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Raspberry Pi Bird Cries When Users Leave Twitter

A tearful goodbye to Twitter friends

"Dr Pride laser cut a board to resemble Twitter’s bird logo. Behind this bird is a Raspberry Pi that listens for Tweets using the hashtag. If it detects a tweet using this farewell hashtag, it triggers a system that causes the bird to release a single tear using a syringe of water."


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Two pro wrestlers developed 'The Progressive Liberal' to be the bad guy at matches. Then the atmosphere turned far darker

"The crowd has taken on a more violent approach towards me … I had rocks thrown at me. A lady pulled out a lighter, tried to light my trunks on fire while they are on me. And had someone else pull out a switchblade."

Apple and Elon Musk's Twitter are on a collision course

Musk wants to vastly increase the amount of money the company makes through subscriptions while opening up the site to more “free speech.”

This creates a risk that Twitter could violate Apple or Google’s app rules …

Battle lines are being drawn. Last week, Musk complained about app store fees, which are between 15% and 30% of digital sales, in a tweet.

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Sarah Palin loses election for Alaska House seat to Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola, ending comeback, NBC News projects

Palin’s loss was her second defeat in an election for Alaska’s at-large House seat in less than three months.

Musk’s ‘free speech’ agenda dismantles safety work at Twitter, insiders say

Amid the wider turmoil since his takeover last month, Musk has moved rapidly to undermine Twitter’s deliberative content moderation system

World's heaviest flying bird uses plants to self-medicate, scientists say

"Here we show that great bustards prefer to eat plants with chemical compounds with antiparasitic effects"

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