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Democrats are boosting extremists in GOP primaries to get easier matchups — but it could backfire

Democrats spent more money to boost election denier Doug Mastriano than he did. That could come back to haunt them

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Justice Department Questions Sidney Powell’s Funding for January 6 Defendants

The feds cited a Mother Jones report on the Trump “Kraken” lawyer paying for Oath Keeper legal defenses.

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Is Sidney Powell Secretly Funding the Oath Keepers’ Lawyers? The Feds Want to Know.

The DOJ is concerned that Sidney Powell may be paying for lawyers for Oath Keepers who breached the Capitol—and they want to find out if the Oath Keepers even know.

Trumpworld Has No Idea How to Solve a Problem Like Eric Greitens

The Republican Senate candidate’s controversial ad is only the latest issue giving Trumpworld pause on endorsing the former Missouri governor.

Netflix Takes Aim at Liberals With ‘Snowflake Mountain’

"On Wednesday, Netflix quietly dropped Snowflake Mountain with little promotion in the lead-up to its arrival. And it only takes watching the first 30 seconds of the reality-television series to understand why."

"The show’s authenticity immediately comes into question as we’re given a brief overview of the cast."

Do Birds Dream About Their Own Birdsong?

From When Animals Dream: The Hidden World of Animal Consciousness
by David M. Peña-Guzmán (affiliate link)

"A spellbinding look at the philosophical and moral implications of animal dreaming"

If They Want to Be Published, Literary Writers Can’t Be Honest About Money

"As artists are so fond of reminding us, we live under late-stage capitalism, and in this system, you can write anything—you can even express hatred of the capitalist system itself—so long as your hatred is marketable. … when it contains uncomfortable truths about the underpinnings of a system that middle-brow readers have bought into, then it simply doesn’t get published."

Trump and his stooges must be punished: It's the only way to save America

If one man is above the law, then America is done. The Jan. 6 committee is literally fighting for our future

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Is American democracy already lost? Half of us think so — but the future remains unwritten

New poll finds that more than half of all Americans think democracy is toast. But that's only true if we surrender

In New York, Republicans Are Donating to Democrats, Hoping to Defeat Socialists

In this month’s New York State Assembly races, why are certain center-left Democrats attracting unusual largesse from right-wing GOP donors? It may have something to do with the fact that they are running in primaries against socialist candidates.

"A little surprised that it took them this long to build Twitter Notes. Not a good replacement for a real blog with your own URLs. We don’t need more content locked away in silos."

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Twitter confirms it’s working on a built-in Notes feature

Say goodbye to 280 characters

"Twitter is testing a new long-form blogging feature named Twitter Notes" "Users can click into the “Write” tab to start writing a Note, and can then embed the Note into their tweet when finished. Several writers have already published Notes on the platform, which appear as long-form posts that can have tweets, videos, and images mixed in."

"The R next to many of those names might technically stand for Republican, but 'reactionary' would be more accurate."

"Extremism is not a facet of today’s Republican Party, but its driving force."

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A Party On The Extremes

"There is nothing normal about this election, or the political system it reflects. By any reasonable analysis, one of our two main political parties has been consumed by an extremism that threatens the very stability of our nation."

Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism--and What Comes Next by Bradley Onishi, due January 2023 (affiliate link)

"Onishi pulls back the curtain on a subculture that birthed a movement and has taken a dangerous turn"

"Thread: Today, the Supreme Court covertly destroyed a precedent handed down exactly 51 years ago.

Federal cops who try to kill you, who jail you on false charges, who violate the law in grotesque ways are now shielded from accountability. I'd like to explain how we got here."


"Recombinant Media Labs presents Morton Subotnick – As I Live & Breathe (with Lillevan), Jun 23 2022 - 7:00 PM" at Grey Area, SF, CA

"Subotnick has described the piece as 'a fitting title as, at 88, it may be my last appearance on the road.'"

"I imagine some of you are looking at this and rolling your eyes like “Ian’s on his bullshit again about something harmless” but I want to highlight one problem among many for you to consider:

at no point does incorporating someone’s voice as your Alexa require their consent."

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