You're not ready for this 'CNC machinist pornography'

EK is showing off some seriously gorgeous custom builds at Computex.

You’re probably going to get COVID at least once a year

COVID is not a "one and done" thing—far from it.

To what extent does confounding explain the association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development up to age 14? Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Lidar reveals pre-Hispanic low-density urbanism in the Bolivian Amazon

"beyond some large interconnected settlements in southern Amazonia7,8,9, there has been no such evidence for pre-Hispanic Amazonia. Here we present lidar data of sites belonging to the Casarabe culture (around AD 500 to AD 1400)"

I'm begging space sims to stop turning themselves into shooters

A galaxy of infinite possibilities reduced to men with guns.

The Anti-Vaccine Movement’s New Frontier

A wave of parents has been radicalized by Covid-era misinformation to reject ordinary childhood immunizations — with potentially lethal consequences.

UNC-Chapel Hill astronomers find hidden trove of massive black holes

Carolina researchers found black holes hiding in plain sight.

"'We all got nervous,' Polimera said. "The first question to my mind was: Have we missed a way in which extreme star formation alone could explain these galaxies?'

The answer was a resounding no.

'We’re left with this result that is shocking,' Kannappan said."

A Florida class president couldn't discuss being gay in high school graduation speech -- so he talked about his curly hair

AI Inventing Its Own Culture, Passing It On to Humans, Sociologists Find

Algorithms could increasingly influence human culture, even though we don't have a good understanding of how they interact with us or each other.

Any politician saying "not the time to politicize this" is like an ignorant American tourist saying "I don't have an accent." It's been political even long before the 2nd amendment, but *waves arms at 2nd amendment* ffs.

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"It is my understanding that posting police officers to schools in order to prevent school shootings won't work because (a) they are generally useless in real emergencies, and (b) outside of those emergencies, they amuse themselves by arresting minority students on false pretexts."

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"There is no such thing as being 'pro-life' while supporting laws that let children be shot in their schools, elders in grocery stores, worshippers in their houses of faith, survivors by abusers, or anyone in a crowded place.

It is an idolatry of violence. And it must end."

Monkeypox: Cases detected in three more countries for first time

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has became the first Gulf state to record a case of monkeypox.


The Sun is ramping up activity, but contrary to some reports, this solar cycle is still consistent with scientists’ predictions.

When to Watch the Tau Herculid Meteor Shower

Cap your Memorial Day weekend with a (possible) space spectacle.

An appeals court finds Florida's social media law unconstitutional

"A Florida law intended to punish social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment"

Crypto And NFT Conference Has To Make Special Adjustments To The Toilet Situation

"enough of the attendees are men that they had to make some last-minute changes to the women's toilets in order to make them men's."

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