To what extent does confounding explain the association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development up to age 14? Findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Lidar reveals pre-Hispanic low-density urbanism in the Bolivian Amazon

"beyond some large interconnected settlements in southern Amazonia7,8,9, there has been no such evidence for pre-Hispanic Amazonia. Here we present lidar data of sites belonging to the Casarabe culture (around AD 500 to AD 1400)"

UNC-Chapel Hill astronomers find hidden trove of massive black holes

Carolina researchers found black holes hiding in plain sight.

"'We all got nervous,' Polimera said. "The first question to my mind was: Have we missed a way in which extreme star formation alone could explain these galaxies?'

The answer was a resounding no.

'We’re left with this result that is shocking,' Kannappan said."


The Sun is ramping up activity, but contrary to some reports, this solar cycle is still consistent with scientists’ predictions.

When to Watch the Tau Herculid Meteor Shower

Cap your Memorial Day weekend with a (possible) space spectacle.

Artifice and Intelligence

"Words matter.

Starting today, the Privacy Center will stop using the terms “artificial intelligence,” “AI,” and “machine learning” in our work to expose and mitigate the harms of digital technologies in the lives of individuals and communities."

Black Hole Collision Might've Sent Invisible Abyss Hurtling Through Space

Two black holes smashed into each other. The force may have been powerful enough to boot the resulting object into deep space.

Secrets of the Moon’s Permanent Shadows Are Coming to Light

Robots are about to venture into the sunless depths of lunar craters to investigate ancient water ice trapped there, while remote studies find hints about how water arrives on rocky worlds.

Swamp Thing's 'Parliament of Trees' is Real, According To Science (Sort Of)

Fiction often precedes science, and in the case of DC's Swamp Thing, that means a network of trees that communicate with each other in a forest

Cancer origin identified through cell ‘surgery’ – new research

Research from the University of Warwick sheds new light on a key cause of cancer formation during cell division (or mitosis), and points towards potential solutions for preventing it from occurring.

statue of fossil-hunting pioneer mary anning to be unveiled in dorset

a nine-year-old pointed out what was missing in lyme regis. her long campaign has now borne fruit


As the brain ages, a region in the hippocampus becomes imbalanced, causing forgetfulness. Scientists say understanding this region of the brain and its function may be the key to preventing cognitive decline

Hubble reveals a ‘curious couple’ and river of star formation

The Hubble Space Telescope captured two interesting phenomena that tell us a lot about the cosmos

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