Listen to the Toilet — It Could Detect Disease

Microphone sensor and machine learning can classify excretion events, identify cholera or other bowel diseases, all without identifiable information.

"In her presentation, 'The feces thesis: Using machine learning to detect diarrhea,' …"

Palm E-tattoo Can Tell When You’re Stressed Out

"a graphene-based e-tattoo that attaches to the palm, is nearly invisible and connects to a smart watch."

It's a mood ring!

Giant mantle plume reveals Mars is more active than previously thought

Orbital observations unveil the presence of an enormous mantle plume pushing the surface of Mars upward and driving intense volcanic and seismic activity.

The real Paleo diet: new archaeological evidence changes what we thought about how ancient humans prepared food

"My team’s analysis of the oldest charred food remains ever found show that jazzing up your dinner is a human habit dating back at least 70,000 years. … This degree of culinary complexity has never been documented before for Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers."

Massive eruption from icy volcanic comet detected in solar system

Astronomers observed a major eruption from a volcanic comet flying through the solar system, likely spewing more than 1 million tons of debris into space.

"A bizarre, volcanic comet has violently erupted, spewing … 1 million tons of gas, ice and the 'potential building blocks of life' into the solar system. … one of around 100 comets, known as 'centaurs'"

sap of the world ash, wonder-tree!

Why Did Roman Baths Disappear?

New research contests the myth that it was Christianity’s opposition to public nudity that led to the decline in large-scale bathing in the late Roman Empire.

"Jordan Pickett, an archaeologist and environmental historian at the University of Georgia, reveals that a combination of social, financial, and environmental challenges contributed to the decline of large public bathing complexes in Rome and elsewhere in the Empire."

Severe COVID-19 is associated with molecular signatures of aging in the human brain

"Our findings indicate that COVID-19 is associated with molecular signatures of brain aging and emphasize the value of neurological follow-up in recovered individuals."

Food decontamination spray deploys "billions of tiny soldiers"

Researchers harness bacteria-eating viruses to create a powerful new weapon against contamination and infection

"They have developed a way to coax bacteriophages – harmless viruses that eat bacteria – into linking together and forming microscopic beads. Those beads can safely be applied to food and other materials"

Researchers say space atomic clocks could help uncover the nature of dark matter

"Studying an atomic clock on-board a spacecraft inside the orbit of Mercury and very near to the Sun might be the trick to uncovering the nature of dark matter, suggests a new study published in Nature Astronomy."

Mysterious Object Emerges on a Florida Beach, Setting Off Speculation

The object appears to be about 80 feet long and made of wood and metal.


"An incredibly large chunk of the Grey Glacier's ice-sheet breaks off and flips over in a spectacular way in Southern Patagonia, Chile."

Our Next Best COVID Drug Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight

A common liver drug shuts the door on COVID before it can infect our cells.

Asymmetry Detected in the Distribution of Galaxies

Two new studies suggest that certain tetrahedral arrangements of galaxies outnumber their mirror images, potentially reflecting details of the universe’s birth. But confirmation is needed.

Jabal: the new wheat scientists say can withstand extreme heat and drought

The variety is a cross between commercial and wild wheats – bred in a bid to develop crops that are more resilient to the climate crisis

Don't tell the Tribbles.

Telethon Kids Institute researchers discover new form of antimicrobial resistance

"Australian researchers have uncovered a new form of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – undetectable using traditional laboratory testing methods – in a discovery set to challenge existing efforts to monitor and tackle one of the world’s greatest health threats."

Where did the Earth’s oxygen come from? New study hints at an unexpected source

"Our research, published in Nature Geoscience, adds a tantalizing new possibility: that at least some of the Earth’s early oxygen came from a tectonic source via the movement and destruction of the Earth’s crust."

Underground Cables Are Taking the Planet’s Pulse

Geologists are using fiber optics to monitor earthquakes, volcanoes, and traffic noise.

Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years

The remains of the last known Tasmanian tiger - thought lost for 85 years - have been found stashed in the cupboard of an Australian museum.

Jonathan at 190 years old

"At 190 years old Jonathan the Giant Tortoise has been enjoying peaceful St Helena Island since 1882 and is still going strong.

This weekend our national treasure will celebrate his birthday in style with a 3-day celebration with the people of St Helena and lots of his favourite treats."

Mystery cattle deaths in Colorado stump investigators

Officials ‘scratching our heads’ over deaths of 40 bovines since October that lack telltale signs of wolf attacks

“We’re scratching our heads a little bit. We don’t know exactly what has occurred up there.”

Mars needs hamburgers?

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