Germany Shuts Down Far-Right Clubs That Deny the Modern State

In a first, the federal government banned two clubs with allegiance to the old German Reich. Police raids on members’ homes found weapons, propaganda and narcotics.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Launches Christmas Layoffs

Roughly six people will be laid off from the right-wing sting operation, according to a person familiar with the plan.


Texas Just Re-Elected My Trans Son’s Worst Bullies

Parents of trans kids, like myself, need our neighbors to help us stand up to the GOP politicians imposing policies that would tear our families apart.

Kanye West’s ‘Presidential Campaign’ Is a Complete Mess

Right-wingers are clamoring to be part of Ye’s unofficial 2024 campaign, and it’s a shitshow, says Daily Beast reporter Zachary Petrizzo.

Antisemitism and white supremacy are evil: This is the moment to make that clear

As Trump and his followers embrace overt fascism, it's time to be specific: They're evil, and must be stopped

Indonesia’s Parliament votes to ban sex outside of marriage

"Indonesia’s Parliament unanimously passed a long-awaited revision of the country’s penal code on Tuesday that criminalizes sex outside of marriage for citizens as well as foreigners, prohibits promotion of contraception and bans defamation of the president and state institutions."

The Freight Rail Labor Dispute Was Never About ‘Sick Days’

Workers were not threatening to shut down the nation’s rail system over a few sick days. They were sounding the alarm on a broken system that affects us all.

How Right-Wing Groups Set the Stage for the Supreme Court to Rig Future Elections

The “independent state legislature” theory was once considered a fringe notion. Then the Federalist Society and its allies stepped in.

Twitter Users Shocked By Justice Alito's Joke About Black Kids In KKK Robes

Alito also teased fellow justice Elena Kagan by claiming she was probably familiar with the Ashley Madison dating website.

"Justice Samuel Alito apparently decided to test out some new stand-up material when the Supreme Court held oral arguments on Monday."

Here's a punchline: expand the courts and SCOTUS term limits

Every Day Is Jan. 6 For Donald Trump's 2024 Presidential Campaign

The former president keeps complaining about his last election while vowing to help his supporters who stormed the Capitol.

"The emerging theme … is not only that he actually won in 2020 and the election was rigged against him, but also … Jan. 6 … riot was an appropriate response. He has made it increasingly clear that he believes that he & his supporters are above the law."

How Teddy Roosevelt offers an 'ominous' lesson for Trump and the GOP in 2024

"He was a former Republican president with a mammoth ego, a sense of entitlement and simmering resentments. Critics called him mentally unstable and a racist, and some even noted his small hands.

We’re talking, of course, about one of America’s greatest presidents — Theodore Roosevelt."

The Far Right Is Getting What It Asked For

With Ye on Infowars and Elon Musk lifting the floodgates on Twitter, the right wing is getting the free-speech thunderdome of its dreams. Or nightmares.

DA a no-show at Walmart hearing; former prosecutor takes the 5th

Judge rules that Walmart shooting victim’s family did not violate the gag order in the case

"The visibly frustrated judge told the packed courtroom that he has 'never ever' had to take such an extreme step during his time on the bench."

What kind of godsdamned clown car are they driving down there?


"Pay attention: A better world is possible. Change is possible. An open, compassionate, just world IS POSSIBLE. If you want it."

Iran Has Abolished Morality Police, an Official Suggests, After Months of Protests

The move, which the government did not confirm, might be a concession to the protest movement that erupted after the death of a young woman in the custody of the morality police.

Both sides see high stakes in gay rights Supreme Court case

"Both sides have described for the court what lawyers sometimes call 'a parade of horribles' that could result if the ruling doesn’t go their way.

The case marks the second time in five years that the Supreme Court has confronted the issue of a business owner who says their religion prevents them from creating works for a gay wedding."

Republicans Deploy The Buddy System To Save Herschel Walker

Few candidates have gotten as much help on air and off as Senate nominee Walker, a first-time political contender known for his bizarre comments.

Who handles the handlers?—The Watchmen, probably

The Law That Led To Trump’s Family Separation Crisis Has A Racist History. Now These Attorneys Are Fighting Against It In Court.

“We regularly see people who receive years in prison for what is essentially glorified trespassing.”

"If defense attorneys could prove that it was unconstitutional and inherently racist, a judge would strike the entire thing, potentially affecting hundreds of cases."

This California city asked where its recycling went. The answer wasn’t pretty.

Palo Alto found that some 60% of its recyclables got shipped abroad, with little transparency as to their fate.

GOP Strategist: Trump Can't Treat The Constitution Like His Wives

"You can't just get rid of it when it no longer suits your purposes," Alice Stewart said after the thrice-married president suggested ending the Constitution.

"I hate to inform the former president, the Constitution is not like a spouse. You can’t just get rid of it when it no longer suits your purposes"

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