Michigan elections chief claims Trump wanted her arrested for treason and executed


"In an interview set to air Thursday evening on "NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt," Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will explain that then-President Donald Trump suggested she be arrested for treason and executed."

How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts

Nina Jankowicz was the subject of online attacks from the moment she was named head of the newly created Disinformation Governance Board. Three weeks later, the Department of Homeland Security said the board's work would be "paused."


Dear Donald Trump: No, America is definitely not OK. It's your fault — and ours too

Donald Trump keeps writing to me. Yelling at the keyboard is unproductive, so I'm writing back


Leaked Audio Underscores Dark Side of Far-Right YouTube Subculture

In leaked audio first reported by the U.K. outlet Byline Times, a voice that seems to belong to YouTube performer Paul Joseph Watson utters a string of racist and anti-gay epithets before stating that he wishes someone would “press the button to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth.”


Opinion | One of the ugliest right-wing lies about Jan. 6 is imploding

Right-wing propaganda about a Jan. 6 "false flag" operation conceals a bigger deception.


Behind church doors: White evangelicals are quietly fueling Trump's Big Lie

Evangelicals are the backbones of Trump's Big Lie — and it's all about white supremacy



How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable



"The story of Tucker Carlson is also the story of how American conservatism evolved from Reagan to Trump — the triumph of the nativist current on the right, and the shrinking boundary between mainline politics and the cranks and conspiracy theorists of QAnon."

Trump allies breach U.S. voting systems in search of 2020 fraud ‘evidence’

Chasing proof of vote-rigging conspiracy theories, Republican officials and activists in eight U.S. locales have plotted to gain illegal access to balloting systems, undermining the security of elections they claim to protect.


Republicans Cheer As Congressional Candidate Demands Fauci’s Execution By Firing Squad

Oklahoma GOP Chair John Bennett's comments advocating violence against the top infectious disease expert earned him applause at a campaign event.


The Bizarre Russian Prophet Rumored to Have Putin’s Ear

Aleksandr Dugin hates America and is obsessed with Nazis, the occult, and the end times.


"For instance: Dugin has had a lifelong obsession with the occult, ranging from the legacy of magician and huckster Aleister Crowley (a 1995 video shows him reciting a poem at a ceremony honoring Crowley in Moscow) to much more sinister Nazi occultism."

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