Severe COVID-19 is associated with molecular signatures of aging in the human brain

"Our findings indicate that COVID-19 is associated with molecular signatures of brain aging and emphasize the value of neurological follow-up in recovered individuals."

Our Next Best COVID Drug Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight

A common liver drug shuts the door on COVID before it can infect our cells.

This is the price of COVID-19 disinformation: The worst flu season in decades

"But that’s not all. That disinformation is leading directly to the worst flu season in many years, at a time when the U.S. is seeing one of the nastiest flu variants in some time.

The disinformation campaign around COVID-19 has done exactly what anti-vax forces hoped; it has spilled over into a growing resistance to vaccines in general."

Penn Scientists Develop 20-Subtype mRNA Flu Vaccine to Protect Against Future Flu Pandemics

Promising results in animal models help pave the way for clinical trials

Ohio measles outbreak nearly triples, expected to last “several months”

"Don't wait. Don't wait until after the holiday. Get them vaccinated now."

Hey, mom! I went viral at school today!

Millions suffer from long Covid — and it costs them $9,000 a year in health-care expenses, on average

"Annual medical costs associated with long Covid are estimated to be around $9,000 a year, on average."

"Treatment largely consists of symptom management, since there’s no known cure for long Covid, medical experts said."

Data-driven identification of post-acute SARS-CoV-2 infection subphenotypes

"Through machine learning analysis of over 137 symptoms and conditions, we identified four reproducible PASC subphenotypes, dominated by cardiac and renal … respiratory, sleep and anxiety … musculoskeletal and nervous system … and digestive and respiratory system … sequelae."

WHO recommends new name for monkeypox disease

"When the outbreak of monkeypox expanded earlier this year, racist and stigmatizing language online, in other settings and in some communities was observed and reported to WHO. In several meetings, public and private, a number of individuals and countries raised concerns and asked WHO to propose a way forward to change the name."

Parents refuse use of vaccinated blood in life-saving surgery on baby

New Zealand’s health services go to court over guardianship of four-month-old boy whose parents have not let heart operation go ahead

Bald eagle with bird flu found in West Seattle's Lincoln Park

WDFW has confirmed at least 18 cases in bald eagles, meaning there are likely many more. HPAI has impacted birds of multiple species for months.

A Soil Fungus That Causes Lung Infections Is Spreading Across the U.S.

A study suggests histoplasma is now found in nearly every state, but many doctors aren't looking out for it.

Ugh. Not now Triffids!

MRI Reveals Significant Brain Abnormalities Post-COVID

Researchers identified changes to the brain stem and frontal lobe in patients months after COVID-19 infection.

The affected brain regions are linked with fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches and cognitive problems.

Susceptibility-weighted MRI aids in the detection and monitoring of a host of neurologic conditions.

Vaccine Breakthrough Could Finally Bring COVID to Its Knees

A new discovery in the fight against COVID could lead to a long-lasting vaccine that works on all variants of the ever-mutating virus.

Record number of parents miss work as respiratory illnesses spike in kids

Though there are signs things could get worse, the White House has a rosy outlook.

Rosy? Is it … their nose? 🤧

The Dengue Virus Has Been Found in Arizona

Dengue has been found in native mosquitos and at least one human, suggesting that it could be spreading locally in the state for the first known time.


C-Section Delivery Linked to Decreased Vaccine Response in Babies, Study Finds

The way you’re born has lasting health impacts years later.

COVID-Denying Medical Group Implodes Over Founder’s Extravagant Spending

Dr. Simone Gold is one of America’s foremost purveyors of bogus COVID cures. She’s used the money on a mansion, private jet trips, and her underwear-model boyfriend.

Cruise ship with 800 Covid cases docks in Sydney

A holiday cruise ship carrying about 800 passengers with Covid-19 has docked in Sydney, Australia.

jfc. wtaf.

Measles outbreak erupts among unvaccinated children in Ohio daycare

Officials reportedly expect that more cases will be identified.

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