You're not ready for this 'CNC machinist pornography'

EK is showing off some seriously gorgeous custom builds at Computex.

The Sandman: Everything we know about Netflix's Neil Gaiman adaptation from trailer to cast info

Gwendoline! Christie!

The fast-playing cyberpunk tabletop roleplaying game

The complete game line from PERIL PLANET

Quick deal, with 8 days to go … from Bundle of Holding, so it includes adding these to your account at DTRPG


Scots man reveals Loch Ness monster may have a pal after spotting two creatures through his binoculars

Glenn Blevins, from Inverness, first reported the sighting of not one but two "large animate objects" in the water on Good Friday.

After billion-dollar acquisition of MGM, Amazon inherits a foe: Starz

"Starz sued MGM in May 2020, claiming the studio breached a streaming agreement granting Starz exclusive streaming rights to over 244 films and TV shows."

George Miller Debuts First Trailer for Trippy Fantasy Adventure ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’

More on this

The Owl House Just Gave Us The Lumity Kiss We’ve All Been Waiting For

Ahead of the finale things are getting extra fruity for Luz and Amity.

Swamp Thing's 'Parliament of Trees' is Real, According To Science (Sort Of)

Fiction often precedes science, and in the case of DC's Swamp Thing, that means a network of trees that communicate with each other in a forest

Mutant Year Zero devs are making a new tactical RPG called Miasma Chronicles

The Bearded Ladies are back and they’re bringing Elvis with them

"Miasma Chronicles is going to be a tactical adventure set in a near-future America that’s been done a nasty disservice by an evil titular miasma."

Watch Miasma Chronicles | Announcement Trailer (ESRB)

Vangelis, Legendary Composer of Blade Runner, Has Died

The Oscar-winning musician, who also created the unforgettable theme to Chariots of Fire, was 79 years old.


Little Witch in the Woods is a slightly spooky Stardew Valley, and it’s flying up the Steam charts

The cozy sim is now available on PC and Xbox Game Pass

About Little Witch in the Woods by Sunny Side Up

John Shuttleworth gig abandoned in Derbyshire after man falls into cavern

Man hauled to safety after hanging from tree at cave event in place known locally as Devil’s Arse

That escalated quickly.


"What would you wish for? From director George Miller, watch the official trailer for 3000 Years Of Longing now. Only in theaters this Summer."

dir George Miller, with Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton!

Based on The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye by A S Byatt (affiliate link)

People typically associate apps with smartphones (in definition apps are just programs designed to execute tasks that don't run the computer itself). But apps are common in premodern books.

A 🧵 on app technology in this book from 16th-century England!/1

It's an antique Hipster PDA!

‘The Sandman’ Images Highlight Tom Sturridge as Dream and Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer

The series adapts Neil Gaiman's comic book magnum opus.

Can I get a buddy film with Christie's Lucifer and Swinton's Gabriel?! The world needs this. Amirite?

The unusual new superyacht concept with a giant glass eye

"However, this new concept from Indian yacht design studio Bhushan Powar Design might just be one of the most eye-catching to date.
The 110-meter vessel, named Zion, features a stunning glass dome that looks like a gigantic eye, or a 'black hole.'"

Captain Nemo wants his Nautilus back

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