For Goodness Sake - Will Krampus take you? Take the test and find out!

About For Goodness Sake

"Will you be taken by Krampus at the end of the night like the others, or will you be spared?"

The desc of this video links to the wrong game. (Hey @itchio ! FYI) so watch it then go to the link in this toot.

BABYLON | Welcome to Babylon Featurette (2022 Movie) - Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Tobey Maguire

"It’s wilder than you can imagine. Damien Chazelle and the cast of BABYLON take us behind the scenes of their timeless Hollywood epic."

I'm not so sure. I've got a pretty good imagination … but, okay.

Learn how to read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Ilona Regulski | Curator's Corner S7 E10

"So hear it is: curator of ancient writing Ilona Regulski is going to teach you how to read your first sentence in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Definitely not hieroglyphics!"

Jack O’Connell Happily Bared All in ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ Sex Scenes

As Netflix’s take on the classic novel steams up the streamer—and has the whole internet hot and bothered—the star explains the importance of the explicit, fully nude scenes.

No Linux? No problem. Just get AI to hallucinate it for you

ChatGPT-generated command line can create virtual files, execute code, play games.

"The chatbot, based on a deep-learning AI model, uses its stored knowledge to simulate Linux with surprising results, including executing Python code and browsing virtual websites."

Andor: Anti-f*scist Art

"Asking the important questions in this one: Andor and/or Andor? A look at some recent stah wahs trends and how Andor breaks them. And me."

One hour of calming wintry cosiness ❄️ The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse - BBC

"Enjoy one relaxing hour of our BBC 2022 Christmas idents. 🎄

A story of kindness, friendship, courage and hope for viewers of all ages in a heart-warming, hand-drawn traditionally animated film"

Based on The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse: The Animated Story by Charlie Mackesy (affiliate link)

Absurdism | How to Party at the End of Meaning ☄️

By Exurb1a, author of Poems for the Lost Because I'm Lost Too (affiliate link)

THE SIGHTS OF SPACE: A Voyage to Spectacular Alien Worlds

"Meet the Navis III: An imaginary ship that will take you anywhere in the Milky Way. Its maiden voyage will send you on a tour of the wildest planets humanity has yet discovered: worlds that defy belief, from planetary oases to scorching hot gas giants with clouds made of metal."

'Moonhaven' Cancelled as AMC+ Reverses Season 2 Renewal

The series is the latest victim of the streamer's cost-cutting measures.

"surprising that Moonhaven should fall victim to such restructuring as the series had a strong performance for the streaming app. AMC Networks was not shy about Moonhaven's success, noting that the series was its most-watched AMC+ exclusive series as well as the most-watched new series only behind Dark Winds."

Warner Bros. Discovery closes in on ‘Max’ as the name of its combined HBO Max-Discovery+ streaming service

Warner Bros. Discovery plans to merge its HBO Max and Discovery+ streaming services in the spring.

Lawyers are vetting the name executives have chosen for the service, “Max,” sources said.

In the battle between the names HBO and Discovery, they went for the adverb. Also, Cinemax might have something to say about that?

Jonathan at 190 years old

"At 190 years old Jonathan the Giant Tortoise has been enjoying peaceful St Helena Island since 1882 and is still going strong.

This weekend our national treasure will celebrate his birthday in style with a 3-day celebration with the people of St Helena and lots of his favourite treats."

It's not Xmas until Odin Raids the Countryside | Fireside Fairy Tales

"Tonight, we read tales of the Wild Hunt! (Yes, the one in the Witcher!)"

Hermetic Library Fellow @juergen_hubert says, "Rory of Varietal, has decided to tackle some of my translations about the Wild Hunt in his latest Fireside Fairytales show! It's a great refresher for what the Wild Hunt is all about in German folklore"

From 2020:

What happened when Killing Joke recorded inside the Great Pyramid at Giza

Bribery. Levitation. Exorcisms. Demons. It's all in a days work for Killing Joke as they record inside the Great Pyramid

There's inaccurate information about Crowley and the reception of the Book of the Law in there, fyi. But, still interesting fun times were, apparently, had.

RIIIP - Rip through the fabric of time and space!

About Madvent Calendar 3: Necrosis

"In New Spook City a sickness shall spread. Collect 24 dreams before they're all dead."

Do or Do Not, But There Is Also Try

Andor's season finale evoked the nascent Rebellion manifesto of Nemik to fire a shot off at Yoda's famous mantra–but the two philosophies have plenty in common.

"placing Nemik’s passionate call for resistance next to the venerable Jedi Master feels like a potent strike in Star Wars’ growing recontextualization of the low the Jedi Order was at when we encounter it in the movies."

Sacramento Music Archive

Your destination for all media captured or performed by Sacramentans.

"Sacramento Music Archive Music + Concert Footage From 1981 – Present

Over 1,500 Live Recordings! One Easy to Use Website! High Quality Multicam Videos From Aod, Dag Nasty, and More!"

‘Los Espookys’ Not Returning To HBO For Season 3

"Earlier this year it was announced that Julio Torres, who co-created and starred in Los Espookys, is developing the comedy series Little Films and the coming-of-self series Lucky under his first-look deal with HBO."

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