Crowley’s London

About City of the Beast: The London of Aleister Crowley by Phil Baker, due July 2022 (affiliate link)

"A work that combines biography and pyschogeography to trace Aleister Crowley's life in London."

Defining Shugendo: Critical Studies on Japanese Mountain Religion eds Andrea Castiglioni, Fabio Rambelli, Carina Roth (affiliate link)

"Defining Shugendo brings together leading international experts on Japanese mountain asceticism to discuss what has been an essential component of Japanese religions for more than a thousand years."

Scots man reveals Loch Ness monster may have a pal after spotting two creatures through his binoculars

Glenn Blevins, from Inverness, first reported the sighting of not one but two "large animate objects" in the water on Good Friday.

Prejudices that led to witch-hunts still affect women today, says historian

Lucy Worsley, whose BBC TV series focuses on powerless people, says women continue to bear brunt of men’s rage


"This film is an adaptation of the 1908 occult manuscript, The Kybalion - and explores the 7 principles of Hermetics. It is a surreal documentation of the supernatural world around us.

Q&A with writer Mitch Horowitz will follow after the film."

One Week Left! Pre-Order Hellebore 7 🔮

"The Peculiar Parish Bookshop is offering a two-week pre-order period for The Ritual Issue and other Hellebore zines and books.

Pre-orders close Tuesday, May 24 and will ship in June."

Hellebore #7 (**Pre-Order: Ships in June**)

5 Pieces Of Bonkers History Hiding In Classic Artwork

"The Tuscan Dick-Tree Reveals Medieval Witchcraft And Middle Ages-Propaganda"

‘Goddesses, I yield to you!’ Marina Warner on the volcanic power of witches, she-devils and divinities

The writer has always resisted deity worship but she found her senses sparking at the British Museum’s gripping show about female superbeings – one wearing a necklace of severed heads

About Feminine Power: The Divine to the Demonic, an exhibit at British Museum, London, through September.

The Occult & Fascism: A Brief Comment

"There exists no easily summarized connection between occultism and politics."

"… to conclude that a rightwing connection is foundational to or defining of occultism’s political influence is to proffer a preconceived thesis, which finds ready confirmation in anecdote. … this outlook is under-developed and offers what we need decidedly less of today …"

Peacock Angel: The Esoteric Tradition of the Yezidis by Hermetic Library Fellow Peter Lamborn Wilson

"An examination of the beliefs and history of the secretive Yezidi sect." (Affiliate Link)

How Christian app Glorify persuaded Hollywood to do God

It has 2.5 million users and a raft of A-list backers. Its USP? Christianity. The men behind Glorify reveal how they persuaded Hollywood and Silicon Valley to do God

This won't end well. I'd bet on it.

Stolen Nostradamus manuscript is returned to library in Rome

Book thought to have been taken 15 years ago was rediscovered when it went up for auction in Germany

Revolutionary Witchcraft: A Guide to Magical Activism by Sarah Lyons (Affiliate Link)

"A fiery, inclusive guide for activists and witches alike, Revolutionary Witchcraft is an empowered introduction to the history and practice of politically-motivated magic."

The Serpent Ikons: A Sorcerous Distortion of the Tarot de Marseille Major Arcana' by Helena van El & Shandi AzK Bouscatier, now in pre-order

"a card deck, philosophical commentary, and grimoire; combining at the very heart of its creation primal art, writing, and magickal practice."

The woman behind the world's most famous tarot deck was nearly lost in history

"Now, over 70 years after her death, the creator Pamela Colman Smith has been included in a new exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York"

"She listened to music to unlock her subconscious mind, and reportedly had synesthesia -- a neurological condition that causes the person to see shapes or colors when they hear sounds."

Quantum Wittgenstein

Metaphysical debates in quantum physics don’t get at ‘truth’ – they’re nothing but a form of ritual, activity and culture

PARENTAL ALERT: Occult and Witchcraft Dominate Marvel's New Dr. Strange Film 'Making Satanists the Heroes'

"Doctor Strange Modeled on a Real-Life Satanist? … created in the image of Aleister Crowley" No. Wrong on several counts.

"Multiverse of Madness Is Flooded with Witchcraft" I mean, it's fictional, but sure, okay.


I won't link to OP.

See instead Crowley Corollary

Writing His Way to Spiritual Freedom: The Life and Works of Omar ibn Said by Muhammed Abdullah Al-Ahari, Omar Ibn Said, and cover by Hermetic Library Anthology Artist Mustafa al-Laylah


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