Call Me Miss Cleo | Official Trailer | HBO Max

"This eye-opening documentary chronicles the rise, fall, and reinvention of revered and reviled ’90s TV psychic Miss Cleo. Featuring interviews with celebrities and those closest to the self-proclaimed voodoo priestess, the film explores the many layers behind a complicated and charismatic figure. Watch Call Me Miss Cleo on December 15, only on HBO Max."

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Launches Christmas Layoffs

Roughly six people will be laid off from the right-wing sting operation, according to a person familiar with the plan.


Antisemitism and white supremacy are evil: This is the moment to make that clear

As Trump and his followers embrace overt fascism, it's time to be specific: They're evil, and must be stopped

Facebook moderation system favours ‘business partners’, says oversight board

‘Cross-check’ system appears to protect users who generate high revenue from content moderation more than ordinary users

"A Facebook policy designed to protect high-profile users from moderation was structured to satisfy the company’s business interests, Meta’s “supreme court” has found, and did not prioritise protecting free speech and civil rights on the platform."

Meta threatens to remove news content over US journalism bargaining bill

"Facebook owner Meta threatened to remove news content from its platforms on Monday following reports that US lawmakers have added controversial legislation favoring news media to the annual defense authorization bill.

The warning highlights the danger that Meta perceives to its business model in the face of the proposed bill"

No Linux? No problem. Just get AI to hallucinate it for you

ChatGPT-generated command line can create virtual files, execute code, play games.

"The chatbot, based on a deep-learning AI model, uses its stored knowledge to simulate Linux with surprising results, including executing Python code and browsing virtual websites."

Women are entering US truck-driving jobs in record numbers

Women are helping to close the driver shortage though barriers still remain

"She suspects women are also benefiting from the cool factor of being female and in the field. 'I mean, if you’re a woman truck driver,' she said, 'you’re badass.'"

While it lasts vs trucking automation, I guess.

The dark, uncertain world of creator funds

Platforms are gambling with creators. They’re constantly changing the rules to make the most money — even if it hurts the creators they built their platforms on.

The Freight Rail Labor Dispute Was Never About ‘Sick Days’

Workers were not threatening to shut down the nation’s rail system over a few sick days. They were sounding the alarm on a broken system that affects us all.

The race to build a better Twitter

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has left users wondering where to go should the platform go up in flames or its content moderation policies unravel. But is there really a viable alternative to Twitter yet?

What Will Enter the Public Domain in 2023?

A Festive Countdown

"At the start of each year, on January 1st, a new crop of works enter the public domain and become free to enjoy, share, and reuse for any purpose."

"For a few years, a few people have been talking about "AI for IA" -- artificial intelligence for intelligence augmentation. It looks like [ChatGPT] is a powerful candidate for such a tool. What is lacking so far is a guide to how to use it specifically for that purpose"

At The Sports Bra in Portland, it’s all women’s sports, all the time

"It just felt like there were so many places where traditional sports bars were missing the mark, particularly for folks like us. And I mean women’s sports fans, but I also mean for nonbinary or queer folks, because oftentimes those spaces don’t feel safe."

Deion Sanders’ Former Wife Pilar Has History Of Following Noble Drew Ali And The Moors: 5 Things To Know

"1. Noble Drew Ali and the Moors"

About Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple

What if failure is the plan?

"I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately. Failure comes in many forms, but I’m especially interested in situations in which people *perceive* something as failing (or about to fail) and the contestations over failure that often arise in such situations. Given this, it’s hard not to be fascinated by all that’s unfolding around Twitter."

‘Goblin mode’ chosen as Oxford word of the year for 2022

"As you read this, look around. Are you still in bed? Are there piles of clothes and takeout food boxes strewn across the floor? Do you have chip crumbs on your sheets? Have you broken your self-care routine more times than you can count? Do you not even care? If so, you might already be in 'goblin mode' – chosen by the public as the 2022 Oxford word of the year."

How Teddy Roosevelt offers an 'ominous' lesson for Trump and the GOP in 2024

"He was a former Republican president with a mammoth ego, a sense of entitlement and simmering resentments. Critics called him mentally unstable and a racist, and some even noted his small hands.

We’re talking, of course, about one of America’s greatest presidents — Theodore Roosevelt."

Governments seek ways to avert quantum's encryption apocalypse

"Although a quantum computer isn't expected until 2030, at the earliest, updating current encryption standards will take just as long, creating a high-stakes race filled with unanswerable questions for national security and cybersecurity officials alike."

‘NO’: Grad Students Analyze, Hack, and Remove Under-Desk Surveillance Devices Designed to Track Them

In October, the university quietly introduced heat sensors under desk without notifying students or seeking their consent. Students removed the devices, hacked them, and were able to force the university to stop its surveillance.

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