Greta Thunberg joins over 600 other young people in a lawsuit against the Swedish state

They have been preparing for almost two years. On Friday, more than 600 Swedish children and young people, will sue the Swedish state for what they claim to be a flawed climate policy. Among them are three seven-year-olds – and Greta Thunberg.


Broadening the topic a bit...

Not sure what the laws are like in Sweden, but I believe in America you have to be 18 years old to sue (or else, you have your legal guardian sue on your behalf).

I wonder whether allowing 7 year olds to sue would be a net good or a net bad overall.

@nebu the question of standing would likely have been considered, and is for them to sus out. Net good is if justice is served, irrespective of the age of the claimants. Why should youth be denied a hearing? No. I deny the premise of these tangents.


One way it could be net bad is if it turns out that in practice, youthful people almost never have any desire to file lawsuits and the vast majority of lawsuits filed by youth are actually from some adult (or worse: some corporation) who is manipulating the child for their own gain.

@nebu I refer you to the reply I gave a few moments ago.

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