After renegade nurse chops off man’s foot, state finds heap of system failures

Nurse wanted to stuff the amputated foot and use it to scare children.

Pretty sure I've posted about this before, so here it is again? Or, for the first time. Either way, I've got my foot in the door on posting this modern Grimm fairy tale.


Nursing homes are nightmarish at the best of times.

In earlier times we saw nightmarish long term care facilities such as insane asylums and decided the solution was to shut them down. I don't think thats the answer, we took away the facilities because they made us feel bad and as a result those people who needed help ended up just swept under the rug. Many of those people ended up homeless, or criminals, or drug addicts because they try to self-medicate. Sometimes people who needed help for their entire lives didn't get it and it resulted in tragedies such as chilling murders that could only be committed by a human with an unwell mind.

Shutting down long term care homes would likely have similar effects, so that's not an acceptable option. The correct option would have to be making sure they're well run. Regulation plays a part, but there's a hell of a lot more than that. Highly regulated industries screw people over all the time. The important part in my view is building an industry wide culture. Clearly this care home was lacking in positive culture since so many bad things happened leading up to a guys foot being stuffed in a taxidermy shop window, including nurses aides standing by and going "this is fine"
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