147-year-old shipwreck discovered off Washington coast


"The crash and subsequent sinking of the S.S. Pacific in Nov. 1875 pre-dates Washington’s statehood. The crash—one of, if not the deadliest disaster off the Pacific Northwest coast—claimed more than 300 lives."

Kanye West subreddit finally turns on Kanye West.


"Having witnessing Ye’s yearslong escalation from 'dragon energy' mantras to open Hitler worship, many of these former stans are finally ready to leave their onetime idol behind—though not 'the friends we made along the way,' as r/Kanye moderator Clement Leveau put it to me. 'Kanye brought all of us together, but we don’t identify with him anymore.'"

Kanye, Elon, Trump: Why the News Cycle Is Trapped in a Narcissist Vortex

Is there any way to escape the attention-seekers dining in Mar-a-Lago or the one heading to Mars?


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Leaked Twitter Code Reveals Secret Crypto Bombshell, Raising Serious Bitcoin And Dogecoin Questions


"Twitter code shows the development of a potential "Twitter coin" cryptocurrency that could rival bitcoin and dogecoin"

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Early medieval female burial site is ‘most significant ever discovered’ in UK

Find dating from about 650AD in Northamptonshire includes jewelled necklace and changed archaeologists’ view of the period


Amazon layoffs now expected to mount to 20000, including top managers

Layoffs are expected in multiple locations and departments including IT, and will affect all levels of employees, according to sources.


"Only 1,200 light-years across, the tiny galaxy HIPASS J1131–31 has been nicknamed 'Peekaboo' because of its emergence in the past 50-100 years from behind the fast-moving star that was obscuring astronomers' ability to detect it."

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Peekaboo! Tiny, Hidden Galaxy Provides a Peek Into the Past


"Peeking out from behind the glare of a bright foreground star, astronomers have uncovered the most extraordinary example yet of a nearby galaxy with characteristics that are more like galaxies in the distant, early universe."

Ukraine appears to expose Russian air defence gaps with long-range strikes


"Ukraine minister jokes: Careless Russian smokers to blame"

This Awkward Office Limbo Might Be Remembered As a Golden Era

Management is at a loss as to how to get employees to return to the office. In New York, not even one in ten was doing the five-day pre-COVID schlep. We should enjoy this moment while we have it, for it could end for nearly any reason.


Twitter's former C-suite is set to receive $200 million in combined stock payouts after getting fired by Elon Musk — if he abides by their contracts

Musk fired Twitter's CEO, CFO, and chief legal officer as soon as his ownership of the company became official in October.


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"This modified version of the famous ‘turn [chatGPT] into a pretend Linux system’ prompt is also my prototype for a product that will sell millions."


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"if reimagined as for the public rather than for profit, we might be able to think about the internet as an essential human right, like air or water, something we all need to protect in order to survive."

I'd argue this is a return to first principles, before the floodgates of commercialization opened in '96.

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The Internet Is Having Its Midlife Crisis


"Sure, maybe New Twitter (or should it be Nu Twitter?) is a pipe dream. But dreams inspire us to think bigger. The internet is both shaped by and shapes humanity—it’s a funhouse mirror that reflects, amplifies, and distorts our very best and worst impulses."

As fatal police shootings increase, more go unreported

Fatal police shootings by officers in at least 2,250 departments are missing from federal records since 2015, according to The Washington Post database.


From 2021:

A history of South African Nazis : New Frame

A history of South African Nazis
Those on the far Right identified with the despotic and racist ideology developed by Adolf Hitler. And when the National Party came to power, those fascists moved into politics.


🎩 toad.social/@jimstewartson/109 "Elon Musk and Peter Thiel grew up in , South Africa. … good article about the historic and modern relationship between South Africa, Apartheid and the Nazis."

Tony Gilroy Breaks Down Andor Season 1

In a Wide-Ranging Conversation With STARWARS.COM, the Andor Creator Reflects on Bringing the Series to Life.


"But for Tony Gilroy, Rogue One co-writer and creator of the series, deviating from what Star Wars typically is never gave him a second thought.

'I don’t worry about that at all,' he tells StarWars.com. “I worry about the storytelling.'"

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