Liber CCXII I Ching hexagram for December 8


Air of Fire

YI: Increase; now’s no time to sit and shiver;
but to move on, even to cross the river.

The Moving Line:

Let all men share in thine approved estate!

@JohnShirley2023 Welp. I'm just a guy, but my take is this. Old Hermetica/Hermetism (whether it's actually Hellenic/Egyptian or newer) is kinda like how both Catholicism and Protestantism are both Christianity, they started at different times, are roughly aligned, and share a lot, even if they aren't identical. Then there's Victorian and modern Hermeticism, which is kinda like Evangelicals or Mormons, they say they're Christians, but they're something very different.

@x51 @JohnShirley2023 ::sheepish:: Yeah, I'm _still_ working on that one … a little bit at a time!

Just posted a curated Omnium Gatherum to the library blog, an irregular hodgepodge of links beyond the library curated together from this account and elsewhere.

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@JohnShirley2023 Fair enough. I mean, we all travel our landscapes (political, vernacular [ht JJ B Jackson], or imaginal as best we are able. Another aside, since we're kinda talking about it, I find it super interesting that this is an example of someone talking, in their way, about and making the change in stance to a kind of "love under will" before Crowley's influence: Pronaos 1890. Adepts 1910. Reuss initiates Crowley into OTO 1912.

@JohnShirley2023 (By the by, in particular, this highlight from something I've read is presented because it is one quote in a series I selected that reflect on the unstated themes of "happiness / despair" and I'm sharing atm.)

@JohnShirley2023 It's been a long time since I read this, and still haven't finished adding the book to the library, but I recall being struck by the apparent change in stance between his books Pronaos and Adepts, into which I read Hartmann's beginning with Theosophy/Rosicrucianism and then encounter and involvement in Illuminism/OTO. This highlight I think reflects the latter. I also, for my part, suggest a comparison with Thich Nhat Hanh's idea of engaged Buddhism.

@JohnShirley2023 Yeah, that's only the part I highlighted. Here's an image with more. Also, you can actually also read this one in context at the library But, Hartmann still might have meant Minnesota.

“Having attained that state, he may retire from the world and employ his energies for the employment and the further expansion of the spiritual power which he possesses. He will be perfectly happy, because that which he desires he can create in his own int

Liber CCXII I Ching hexagram for December 7

Ta Kwang

Fire of Lingam

TA KWANG: Great strength. Be firm and self-reliant;
But — tyrannous to use it like a giant!

The Moving Line:

Thine purpose gained, relax — nor tax thine heart so;

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