Thank you, all 412, following along here as of this morning! Glad you found this profile for Hermetic Library in the 'verse!

Check out Liber A vel Armorum sub figura CDXII

Generated visuals for Bune from Goetia using and from a mix of parsed text description & seal image prompts

For the full text description and seal image prompts for all images in this thread, browse through to

I have no idea how old she was. She was an adult when we met. But, whatever age, she started to show it, and slow down; and recently started feeling ill. I nursed her and made her as comfortable as I could, and in the end I held her in my arms as she passed.

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She had been abused, abandoned and left to starve when she came into my life.

I tried to gave her the best I was able in the last years of her life, safe and warm and fed and loved.

She would sometime wake up a yell out thinking she'd been abandoned again, and I would always rush to assure her that was merely a different lifetime and she was home now.

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Goodbye Library Cat Mars Hypotenuse Pteropus! After hardship, and, frankly, horror, before we met in 2016; she became a sweet (and yet still annoying!) snuggle bug. Please help me send her on her way by having her in your kind thoughts for a while.

Today I am posting my periodic heartbeat to the library's old big social accounts, hoping to encourage some, even a fraction, of all those following in those places to come join us here or on the open web.

Although you're already here (and welcome! Yes, you, specifically!) don't forget that there's a lot going on at the library. So much that even I lose track of what I'm doing sometimes!

Head to the Hermetic Library, Hrmtc Underground, and Hrmtc I∴O∴ for all the things.

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