Hey! It's -ursday (last Thurs o' the month).

Let's try again! Occult roll call! Sound off!

Help anyone new who's managed to escape that workhouse being taking over by the Martian oligarch to here doing occult, esoteric, or, you know, any adjacent strange stuff!

Is that you? Reply with what you're doing!

Find something interesting? (& to spread this) boost for others to see!

@librarian plenty of things of interest in both our podcast and The Folklore Library and Archive I think

@librarian I have a podcast on the history of magic, sorcery, alchemy, and witchcraft. Check out Enchanted: The History of Magic & Witchcraft at or wherever you listen to podcasts!

@librarian I'm a PhD candidate @FU Berlin writing a doctoral thesis about the history and genesis of horror literature in FR/IT/SP/PT in the 19th century. Looking forward to connect with fellow dark arts researchers!

@librarian I'm a Discordian Donut Wizard. I dabble in all sorts of Occulty whatzits.

@librarian My profile says 'translator of grimoires' and 'scholar of the arcane', and I've got the list of publications to prove it 📚😉

@librarian hello and Merry Meet, I'm a Gardnerian High Priestess who's working on an M.Div. at Cherry Hill Seminary.

@riverrat yep. Pretty famous painting. When I used to post this on birdsite, I’d say something like, “let’s help Dee conjure up practitioners, students, academics, and others for the Queen.” Or whatever. My groovy Occult Love Fest logo was inspired by Dee’s brazier in the painting and the lettering from old Fillmore posters.

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