Back to MidJourney for a bit. Remember these images are all described in the first post and link in the thread, and are generated from that.

@librarian Kia ora,

Very easy to put alt text on this image. Just hit the edit button in the top left corner after image loads and you'll have a whole 1500 characters to describe the image

This is really important for #Accessibility & ensuring all our whānau feel welcome.

If you forget, hit "delete & re-draft" to edit your post. There's also a bot @alt_text to follow who will prompt you if you forget.


@fracturedopal The description I would add is exactly the same as the text in the first post in the thread, no more no less, unless I put more detail plainly in the specific toot. So I refer you to that for the meta. I will not be adding more description to each than that, and will not duplicate the plain text already given, but I do unlist all the following posts in the thread.

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