Any Greeners here?

Runner up prizes to anyone who went to Reed, I suppose, if I must.

@librarian A bit of history about who and why the billboard. “He was a fighter," said Sherryl Zurek, a daughter. "He loved a fight. He loved to argue…..Washington State University, where he played football. During World War II, he left one term before graduating. If he graduated, he would have been drafted," said Zurek. "He quit early so he could get a deferment, and he farmed instead of going into the service.",236138

@gordonwhite1 Yeah, p sure I recall hearing that part before. (Might even have been from that article when it happened.) Of course, not necessarily against draft dodging, per se, as all war is crime (but sometimes lamentably necessary), but it's the evident sheer hypocrisy of it. Unfortunately accusations of which people like that appear generally immune. Anyhow, laughing at whatever inane crap got put on that billboard was a fixture in many a car trip in my youth!

@librarian And fortunately it fails to represent Lewis County. So much more in community good going on in Chehalis and surrounding area. The Chehalis Foundation for instance has raised funds to support college readiness and scholarships for any graduate. Unfortunately some use the billboard to reflect their politics.

@gordonwhite1 😬 My experience in Clark and Lewis when I returned to WA in my teens, and was aware of it more, was shock at finding how conservative, white and prejudiced a lot of it was, unfortunately. Especially when leaving the I5 corridor, but SW WA was still a stronghold. But, to be fair, I'm so far left p much anyone is to my right, tbh.

@gordonwhite1 Suffice to say, seems to me a delightful coup that hippy dippy Evergreen got placed at the state capitol, for essentially, and an amplification of, why all WA state campuses have an easy-to-make-slippery-under-protestors-by-spraying-water red square.

@librarian Interesting too that many people from LC go to Evergreen and add to interesting cross cultural exchanges—rural and urban life, left to right, farm to city. The first head of Evergreen’s Cooperative Education Program—internships, was Dan Swecker who later became Senator for LC and southern TC. Conservative conservationist mix of values. Good to work with on issues of the day.

@gordonwhite1 Yeah, I mean, that TESC ended up in Olympia and that the red squares exist are specific instances of different tactical manoeuvers by various players in a very long game. But, I think, to my knowledge, I'm the only one from my high school and community college groups in SW WA that made it up to TESC. Though a more than a few went farther up to UW in Seattle. And, to be fair, I actually made it back _down_ to Olympia after having been farther north for many gap years.

@gordonwhite1 I hadn't remembered until just now, but, funny enough, Dan Swecker was a guest invited to one of my classes at TESC, so I, and others of course, spoke with him on campus as part of a course on dialogue.

@gordonwhite1 I was having deja vu and had to check. And, yep. Here's an email I wrote to an academic partner about it, fwiw, that mentions indirectly my interaction with Swecker.

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