Overnight we, you and I, here, on this profile, passed 175 followers! Welcome all, and thanks for being here!

For numerical fun, check out Liber Astarté vel Liber Berylli sub figura CLXXV

Notably I had a paragraph in there, which I typed out but removed twice, saying something like, "Why not reply with how you got here? Are you a refugee that used to followed me elsewhere, or did you just newly find me here in this place?"

But, I'm so used to shouting into the void on big social that I'm used to not even trying anymore, and it feels weird to even try again. Y'know?

@librarian It is a different vibe here for sure, and I wasn't even fleeing anywhere. Recent events just got me thinking about Mastodon, so I thought I'd see how much of an occult community there was. I haven't followed you anywhere else!

@Alleywurds Hip hip huzzah! Glad to have new people find what I'm up to, bonus if they like it? When I spun up my instance in April there wasn't much occult activity. I kinda flash-flooded the 'verse with posts, comparatively. I think there's a lot more people showing up now. We'll see!

@librarian I'm seeing plenty of pagans/witches/occultists making intro posts, but we will have to see what the attrition rate is like!

@librarian (And yeah, I do like what you've been up to. Fan of the site for a long time!)

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