My mind keeps wanting to call this project iconomancy, maybe in part because I miss my Iconomancy tumblog, but that's not right, is it? Kinda like scrying, in a way, this generating images just to see what happens, based on an esoteric query. What method of divination is this, do you think?

First person that responds "cybermancy" gets blocked


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There's a new MidJourney rendering engine available for testing, so here's a 4up grid where I tried using the exact same Ipos text prompt alone and got very different results!

Back to the current engine, with only the seal image alone as prompt

Final image in this series for Ipos, a take on only the text prompt using DALL-E

@thomasknoll Ha! But, in a way, aren't all divinations kinda based on prompts, of one kind or another, especially if one has in mind a query?

@librarian You joke, but I've almost exclusively seen it called "technomancy." I'm in a discord server specifically for occult use of MidJourney that split off the main MidJourney discord, and that's what it's been called there as well.

I'm guessing the historical reason for this is that was on the scene early.

@Alleywurds I don't disagree, but I think "technomancy" feels like it is a broader category. I have less of an allergy to "techno-" than I do "cyber-", apparently. But I also think there's a more specific term, or should be, for using image generation tool based on an esoteric query to see what comes up. That's why I keep coming back to iconomancy, except that I usually think of the image coming first there, and then interpreted, instead of generating an image based on an interpretation.

@Alleywurds And therein I make myself think of it as a kind techno version of automatic drawing. I don't think there's a generally accepted 'mancy' for automatic drawing, at least not one that comes to mind. There's Surrealist "automatism" … and out pops technoautoiconomancy or something. Barg. If that's it, no, back to technomancy!

@librarian Absolutely. A diagram of all these categories would look like a very complicated Venn diagram.

Technomancy colloquially is applied to any magickal working that involves post industrial technology. Scrying can sometimes overlap with that, when you use a neural network instead of a shew stone.

I have used MidJourney specifically for the creation of icons for the 46 phenomena, demons, and monowords of the magickal system I've designed, and it is decidedly a different experience than scrying into the unknown for divinatory purposes.

I've also found great similarities with the various forms of automatism, and made significant magickal use of them for years, prior to AI reaching its current point. GPT-3 is wonderful for a textual approach to this kind of working.

In the end, I don't think we really need an overly specific term for every overlap of categories. Do we have a single word that describes scrying by shew stone or black mirror? If so, it doesn't see much use!

In practice, I expect to see people use a short phrase like "AI scrying," rather than polysyllabic jargon with unfamiliar rootwords!

@Alleywurds Yeah, I'm aware of all that, of course. But, I was specifically talking about an actual or potential jargon word, whether useful or not, or whether people use it much. See? Because it's fun, if no other reason.

@librarian Haha, I get that. I'm a word person myself!

I think my approach would be describing the way the vision is produced. Like we divide things up between scrying within the mind's eye and outside it. Introvoyance and extrovoyance?

Then we could use techno- as a prefix for when a contemporary technology is used to induce the vision.

So using text to image would be technoextrovoyance and using brain computer interface to induce hallucinations would be technointrovoyance.

Meanwhile, the use of a black mirror would be a form of extrovoyance, and meditative practices would typically lead to introvoyance.

That feels more or less right to me!

@librarian Expanding on my last comment, here's an article that uses "technomancy" as a category in which Midjourney is a specific tool for scrying:

For contrast, I've entered the text of various rituals as sequential prompts to make AI generated video rituals.

This one here is more of a charging ritual for a book I was writing, rather than an example of scrying:

So there are many ways to make magickal use of AI image generation!

@librarian I suppose this is very much in the scrying family; it reminds me of the more intuitive kinds of tarot divination

@librarian like, you give it a prompt, which generates an image, which is parallel to drawing a card from a deck and then you interpret the symbolism

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