I tried using only the seal image without any text as a prompt, for funsies.

For some reason DALL-E wasn't working for edits yesterday, but here's a redux of this one with more generation frames added.

Here's another one with only the seal image as a prompt, with no text

Back to MidJourney … and a bunch of these almost seem like snapshots in the same story with the same main character. Odd "random" continuity.

@librarian i wonder what AI would draw if you'd feed it the 'evocation keys' for the Goetia demons from the Gallery of Magick books

@adalbertsen I don't have those, but if you've got it at hand, send me the evocation key for Sallos and I'll see what I get.

@librarian "brilliant white, like the midday sun, and a texture like icy water. there is the smell of hot iron and a taste like blood."

@librarian idk how to really translate this into prompts to generate a picture tho

@librarian or the Jareth Tempest one: "a river running through a snow covered landscape. the midday sun shines brightly on the white snow. a pale blonde woman falls backwards into the river. steam rises from where she entered the water." it's a bit more evocative

@librarian feels kinda 'angelic', or before the snow fully melts in spring

@librarian true 😁 i wonder tho what these channeled stuff have to do with the original "knight in armor, riding a crocodile"... or if printing one of these, lighting some sandalwood incense and chanting the enn does

@librarian thank you for the experiment with the evocation keys! 😁

@librarian the one with the flower seems cool, i forgot which flowers Sallos likes, but it'd be cool if it's similar to those

@librarian interesting 😄 i somehow knew it'll make some Japanese flags 😅

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