Greater Feast of Peter Lamborn Wilson, Hakim Bey, died on May 22, 2022 at Saugerties, New York

Lesser Feast of John Bell the Librarian of Hermetic Libary

Happy 'nother trip around the sun!

Feast for the Apparition of the Daughter of Fortitude, Edward Kelly's May 23, 1587 vision pertaining to Our Lady

Feminine power: the divine to the demonic

"The first exhibition of its kind, Feminine power takes a cross-cultural look at the profound influence of female spiritual beings within global religion and faith."

British Museum, London, through September.

Happy Friday the 13th! 🔥 Did anyone bring marshmallows? 🔥

(Although it was the arrest of Knights Templar that started on Friday 13th, and it was in October of 1307, and so not really a lot of burning that day … it's still a great day for s'mores!)

Greater Feast of Helena Petronva Blavatsky, died May 8, 1911 at London, England

(Oops! Missed it the other day!)

Astronomical Beltane, ☉ in 15° ♉︎ (Sun at 15° Taurus), circa May 5th, in the Northern Hemisphere; a cross quarter day, mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, sometimes celebrated on a fixed day, from sundown the previous day, or on an astronomical measure.

Astronomical Beltane is occurring at 12:25 UTC on May 5, 2022.

(It's Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Century Guild Salon, May 5th, 2022 6 pm US/Pacific.

"Top 10 Most Horrific Stories from the legendary 1919-1921 German fantasy and horror magazine Der Orchideengarten"

Dates on the Hermetic Library calendar for May that may be of interest to you!


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