Happy astronomical Samhain, in the Northern Hemisphere, when ☉ at 15° ♏︎ (Sun at 15° Scorpio), which occurred this morning, Nov 7, at 10:36 UTC in 2022

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Astronomical Equinox, ☉ at 0° ♎️ (Sun at 0° Libra), an astronomical calendar event occurring in September, Fall for the Northern Hemisphere, Spring for the Southern Hemisphere. In 2022, this is on Friday, September 23 at 1:03 UTC (Thursday, September 22 at 8:03 PM US/Central).

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Happy Astronomical Lughnasadh, Lammas, in the Northern Hemisphere, or soever you celebrate at this point of the year! ☉ in 15° ♌︎ (Sol is in 15° Leo) occurring in 2022 on August 7 at 12:36 UTC

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Summer solstice, midsummer, ☉ at 0° ♋︎ (Sol in 0° Cancer) (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) on June 21 at 9:14 UTC in 2022


Astronomical Beltane, ☉ in 15° ♉︎ (Sun at 15° Taurus), circa May 5th, in the Northern Hemisphere; a cross quarter day, mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, sometimes celebrated on a fixed day, from sundown the previous day, or on an astronomical measure.

Astronomical Beltane is occurring at 12:25 UTC on May 5, 2022.

(It's Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere.)

“Black moon” and partial solar eclipse, April 30, see:

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The phenomenon will also be marked by a partial solar eclipse



The April 30 solar eclipse: When, where and what to expect.

You can catch it in-person or online.


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